Edit a Webhook Notification Configuration

This section is a short guide on how to edit the configuration of an existing webhook notification.

The previous sections show how to edit the most important settings in a webhook notification.

To access and edit the notification's complete options, open the Edit Webhook dialogue, following these steps:

  1. In your opened PoolParty project, open the Notifications Dashboard by clicking its icon in the toolbar.

  2. Expand the Notifications node and the Webhook node below it.

  3. Find the respective notification's node double click it or right click and select from the context menu Edit Configuration. The Edit Webhook dialogue opens.

  4. The following options are available here:

    • Name: the name of your choice the notification is displayed with in PoolParty interface.

    • API: from the drop down you can select the API that the notifications callbacks should be sent to. Available APIs here depend on the configuration in the Semantic Middleware Configurator .

    • Frequency: the default intervals are available here to select from the drop down. Values are: Immediately, Every 15 Minutes, Every Hour, and Once Per Day.

    • Trigger: use the check boxes to activate or deactivate change action triggers that are available here.

  5. Click Update to save you changes.