Basic & Advanced Server APIs

The following section provides an overview over all APIs available for the PoolParty Basic & Advanced server that provides thesaurus management capabilities and also ontology & custom scheme management. There are three ways to interact with a PoolParty Basic or Advanced server from the developers point of view:

  1. Linked Data Frontend for Data Retrieval - Very basic RESTful interface available

  2. Integrate by using standardized methods the PoolParty API - This is the recommended way for integrate PoolParty. Main advantages of using the API: response in JSON format, easy to use, full user profile support, seamlessly integrates into e.g. PoolParty History, Approval Workflow.

  3. Using the PoolParty's SPARQL Endpoint - Option to query data that can not be retrieved directly by the API.


PoolParty's API is versioned after the same pattern PoolParty itself is. Thus version 7 of PoolParty corresponds to version 7 of the APIs.