In Scheme Management in PoolParty - Overview

PoolParty's SKOS In Scheme function lets you define explicitly in which concept schemes a concept resides.

When the In Scheme function is disabled in PoolParty, we assume that a concept is part of every concept scheme it is related to via the Hierarchy tree.

Using the In Scheme function in PoolParty you can define a concept's relations to concept schemes explicitly and independently of its relation via the hierarchy. That way a concept can be part of the concept scheme hierarchy although it is not skos:inScheme of it.

Automatic or Manual Use of In Scheme Relations in PoolParty

You can use the function in PoolParty in three different ways:

  • Adding the skos:inScheme relation manually to selected concepts on creation or on update.

  • Automatic use and update of concepts' relations to the concept scheme, whenever you create or change concepts.

  • Adding skos:inScheme via custom class reasoning.

Available In Scheme Functionalities in PoolParty

This section provides the following information: