SPARQL Endpoint

PoolParty offers a full fledged SPARQL endpoint to query your thesauri. This is particularly useful for distributed queries, where you can incorporate data from various sources.

You can find the SPARQL Endpoint in the SPARQL tab of the The PoolParty Frontend.

The SPARQL endpoint is available via basic authentication for users having access to the project or publicly available for ‘Public’ projects.

  • You can select the format of the results of a query, add namespace definitions to your queries selecting one of the checkboxes in the Add Namespace section.

  • Alternativle you can start with one of the sample queries provided. Once you defined your query, click the Run Query button to get the results.

The following result formats are available:

  • Table (Default)

  • xml/text

  • xml/application

  • json/text

  • json/application



Find more information about the PoolParty's SPARQL Endpoint in the PoolParty - Developer Guide.