How to Use Custom Ontologies and Custom Schemes in PoolParty

This section contains a short guide on how to use ontologies and custom schemes within PoolParty.

Custom schemes can be interpreted as 'views' on the respective ontologies. Use them to define subsets of classes, relations and attributes from one or several ontologies.

The following uses and tasks are available in PoolParty:

  • Extend your taxonomy beyond the expressiveness of the SKOS schema to describe concepts more specifically.

  • Create GraphEditors based on custom schemes, and define and edit or create data based on that.

  • Use custom schemes to determine the displayed facets or search result details in a GraphSearch application.

  • Use custom schemes for mapping, for example map relational data to RDF data in a transformation pipeline in UnifiedViews.

  • Develop custom ontologies and custom schemes and export or publish them to make them available to other applications for reuse.