User Guide for Knowledge Engineers

This manual is intended for users of the PoolParty Semantic Suite. It mainly serves as a guide on how to work with PoolParty, aiming to be useful especially for a non-technical audience. All functionalities of Poolparty are outlined and various ways to use these features are described. You can also find some basics on concepts like thesauri and technologies like SKOS. The PoolParty Semantic Suite is available in the following server bundles:

  • PoolParty Advanced ServerThesaurus Server Advanced Edition (PPT Advanced)

  • PoolParty Enterprise ServerBundle of full versions of Thesaurus Server (PPT Advanced) and Extraction Server (PPX Advanced)

  • PoolParty Semantic IntegratorBundle of PoolParty Enterprise Server and PoolParty Search Server (PPS) including full graph database connectivity (PP Integrator)

The user guide outlines the functionality available for the respective bundles in the following chapters:

PoolParty uses best-of-breed components from the semantic web world. Based on widely established specifications like RDF, SPARQL and SKOS the system follows open W3C standards and is highly scalable. Its server components run on any Java Servlet Container.