PoolParty's Toolbar

The PoolParty toolbar is divided into three sections:

  • The default Toolbar icons will be visible initially when you start PoolParty.

  • The Project-dependent icons will be visible after you have opened a project, additionally depending on PoolParty modules you may have acquired.


Visibility of icons here also depends on user permissions. The icons shown here are all that are available for a user granted all editing and management permissions available.


Using the icons you can switch between the following functions:

Default Icons (Initial State)

The default icons are always visible in this order (1) when you first log in to PoolParty:


Project-dependent Icons

The project dependent icons (1) will be visible once you have opened a PoolParty project. The default icons will stay visible as well (2) at the end of the row.


Notification Area

For each project an autosave function is enabled by default which creates automatic snapshots of the whole project in a defined interval. The snapshot information shown in the notification area provides information whether the autosave function works correctly and if snapshots of the project have been created.