Extract Only Exactly Matching Concept Labels

This section contains a short guide on how to define extraction of exact matching concept labels only.

PoolParty's Extractor will extract and match similar labels and terms during the indexing process that is executed for the thesaurus every time you refresh the extraction model.

You can activate the function Add to ExactMatch in PoolParty. This way you can make sure that only texts and labels representing exact matches for that concept's labels will be considered.

How to Enable ExactMatching Concept Extraction

Follow these steps to enable the exact matching extraction for a concept's labels:

  1. In your opened PoolParty project, in the Details View of a concept, click Add to ExactMatch.

  2. The link button will change to Remove from ExactMatch.

  3. Execute a corpus analysis for that project's corpus or corpora. Refresh the extraction model of your thesaurus.


    You have to run the corpus analysis again after changing this option, regardless of earlier corpus analysis runs.

  4. In the Documents tab, find the corpus's tab.

    • Since the text does not contain an exact matching term for one of the concept's labels, the tab displays the message: 'No records found.'

Example of the Matching Process

Usually PoolParty's extractor is configured to first match all lower case terms occurring in any texts delivered to it via integrations. Upper case variants are treated separately. Therefore the terms 'aids', 'Aids', and 'AidS' would be considered to be the same. 'AIDS' on the other hand would be treated separately, although matched.

But by using this function, Add to ExactMatch, all terms and labels that do not exactly match it in regard to letter case and characters contained, will be ignored during extraction.