PoolParty Log Files - Admin Script

In this section find the details on the PoolParty log files.

Log files in PoolParty can be accessed using the main menu. Click TOOLS, select Admin Scripts.

PoolParty will open a new browser tab or window, depending on settings.

Steps to Access the Log Files Section

  1. In the Admin Scripts page, find the section Settings, click Logger Settings.

  2. The Logger Settings page will open.

  3. At its bottom find the Log Files section.


Links to the following files are available:

    • ppgs.log

    • ppt.log

    • ppx.log

    • rdf4j.log

    • spring.log

    • tuckeyforwarder.log

They represent links to these log files on your PoolParty instance according the the logging configuration. Use the option of your respective browser to Save Link As to download a log file to a location of your choice.

Details on the individual log levels find here: log4j Log Levels and Their Relevance in PoolParty