UnifiedViews System Requirements

General System Requirements

Make sure to install UnifiedViews on one of these two systems and versions as listed here:

  • 64 bit GNU/Linux Server (Debian 7 LTS, Debian 8, Centos/RHEL 6/7, Ubuntu 14.04LTS und 16.04 LTS) or

  • 64 bit Windows Server (Windows Server 2016 or 2012 R2, 64 bit)

Java Runtime Environment

Make sure a Java Runtime Environment has been installed.

  • An OpenJDK 11 or a 64 bit build of the Sun/Oracle Java 11 SE Development Kit is needed for the current UnifiedViews release.

You can check your Java version by typing the following command in a console:

java -version

Web Application Servers Requirements

In addition to the general requirements the following memory and disk space requirements apply:

  • Memory: minimum 8 GB RAM dedicated to the web application server

  • Hard disk space dedicated to the web application server:

    • minimum 2.5 x available RAM, for example:

      • 8 GB RAM = 20 GB disk space

      • 16 GB RAM = 40 GB disk space

      • 32 GB RAM = 80 GB disk space