PoolParty Excel & CSV Tabular Import & Export - Overview

This section contains a guide on how to export your PoolParty project to and import data from tabular formats, Excel and CSV.

PoolParty lets you export and import data in a tabular format on all levels of the project hierarchy. In tabular format the information is represented in the form of a table with columns and rows.


We are going to refer to all functions related to either CSV or Excel files as tabular formats. Be aware, these are interchangeable.

You can enrich your taxonomy using the tabular import function:

  • Add concepts, top concepts and even custom schemes to your project.

  • You can also update existing data or add labels and relations to the taxonomy. For different languages or as synonyms for instance.

  • Export to the tabular format of your choice. You can edit the file and then re-import it.

  • Additionally, you can use the exported files to import to other PoolParty instances and projects.

In this section you can find detailed information about what to do and what to avoid in order to create compliant tabular files.

Available Excel Export & Import Topics

For details refer to these topics - or watch our video.