Repository and Graph Structure of Data Stored in PoolParty

PoolParty uses by default a RDF4J RDF Graph Database where all the data is stored.

You can also configure an external graph database, which can be useful in the following cases:

The data created by PoolParty is split up in different repositories, where each repository can be seen as one graph database.

List of Project Repositories on a PoolParty Thesaurus Server


What it contains

System Repositories

PPT System

Metadata of all projects on a PoolParty Thesaurus server.

Metadata of all corpora for all projects on a PoolParty Thesaurus server.

Project Repositories

Project repository

Project data per project.

Corpus repositories

They contain the corpus data and the annotations from Corpus Management - Overview

User Repository

Information about users and user groups.

Custom Schemes Repository

Metadata of all custom schemes and ontologies on a PoolParty Thesaurus server.

Corpus Meta Information

Metadata of all corpora for all projects on a PoolParty Thesaurus server.

GraphSearch Repository

Metadata of all corpora for all projects on a PoolParty Thesaurus server.

List of Named Graphs Inside the Project Repositories

The project repositories contain several named graphs. Default graphs are created when the project is created or when the first custom scheme in the projects is created. All optional graphs are only created if the respective data is created.


Graph name


Default Graphs




This graph contains metadata for the project e.g. number of concepts, creation date etc.



This graph contains ADMS information for the project: Project Data Stored as ADMS Graph.

ADMS is a vocabulary to describe semantic assets see also

Quality settings


These graphs contain the quality settings of the project.

See also: Define Quality Settings

Notification settings


This graph stores information regarding the notification settings in the Workflow Dashboard.

RDF Editor


Stores the data of RDF edits you make in the RDF Editor.

Default Graphs

(Thesaurus Management)

Thesaurus data


This graph contains the data for concepts, concept schemes, collections and skos-xl labels.

History data


This graph contains the history data for all PoolParty actions.

See also: PoolParty History

URI settings


In this graph the URI settings for a project are stored.

See also: URI Management - Overview

Local users


Contains all local user profiles (excluding default user roles).

Find details in: PoolParty User Administration

Optional Graphs

(Thesaurus Management)

SKOS Notes


This graphs contains SKOS change/editorial/history notes.

See also: Adding Notes to your Concepts

Workflow data


This graph contains the workflow data (state, assignee) for concepts or skos-xl labels.

See also: Approval Workflow

Deprecated resources


This graph contains the information of deprecated (deleted) resources (e.g. concepts, concept schemes).

See also: Deleting Concepts & Subtrees

Suggested concepts


This graph contains all suggested concepts introduced via the respective API.

See also: Web Service Method: Suggest Concept.

Quality Management data


This graph contains the quality report data of the last run of a quality report.

See also: Create a Quality Report

SPARQL lists


This graph contains information about all SPARQL lists created.

See also: SPARQL lists

Batch linking data


This graph contains all information on the last batch linking task executed.

See also: Project Linking - Batch Linking

Blacklisted concepts


This graph contains all blacklisted concepts and blacklisted terms.

See also Blacklist Concepts and Terms

Linked Data

<<baseUrl>/<projectId>/linkeddata/<ld-source>> e.g. <<baseUrl>/<projectId>/linkeddata/en/dbpedia>

This graphs contain data copied from a linked data source. The name of the graph depends on the linked data sources used.

See also: Linked Data Enrichment with PoolParty

Categories data


Linked data categories retrieved using the linked data feature will be stored in this graph.

Temporary Graphs

(Data Validator & Reasoning)

Import linked projects data


The imported project data will be stored in this graph.

See also: PoolParty RDF Import & Export

Import schema data


Import project metadata


Reasoning schema data


Optional Graphs

(Corpus Management)

Candidate concepts


This graph contains candidate concepts that have been selected in the corpus analysis.

See also: Candidate Concepts List.



This graph contains the disambiguation settings of the project used for extraction.

See also: Thesaurus Based Disambiguation of Annotated Concepts

Optional Graphs

(Semantic Classifier)

Document Classification


The classification results for the train classifiers will be stored in this graph.

See also: Semantic Classifier - Overview

Indexed documents


This graph contains all documents you uploaded during training and testing classifiers.


Please note that projectIds used in graph URIs are project textual identifiers instead of UUIDs. Textual identifier is created as part of the URI generation pattern at project creation time, which forms URI of the project together with the project base URI. This URI can be found at the Triples tab after navigating to project details view. Please see the attached screenshot for illustration. The URI consists of base URI and project textual identifier cocktails.