Why Does My Concept Not Show Up in the LD Frontend?

In certain cases you may have made a project or projects public and configured the LD frontend, yet when you access concepts from it, they do not show up.

The following scenarios are commonly known for causing this behaviour:

  • A common issue is the resolution of HTTP vs HTTPS URIs: if the project has http URIs but the backend is available via https for login most modern browsers will forward you to https after you first have accessed the server via https.

  • Check, if your project is really public.

    • Find details here: Publishing PoolParty Projects

  • A project was imported from another server and the concept's or concepts' original URIs point(s) to a server that is not reachable.

    • To solve this issue, contact your system administrator or service provider so they will make sure the server is reachable.

  • You have URIs that have mixed domains throughout the project, pointing to one server in some cases, some pointing to another server, as in the code box example.

    • You would have to fix mixed domains by entering a common domain name for all URIs of the project.

Example: Mixed Domains