How Can I Change the URIs Used in a Project?

URIs should stay stable and not be changed - at least when they are published or reused in other systems - thus there is no built in functionality to change URIs within the PoolParty Thesaurus Server.

But in case a wrong basic pattern has been chosen when setting up a project and URIs should be adapted there exists this workaround.

If only BaseURLs and/or project identifier need to be changed (e.g.<increment> to<increment>) you can do it via the following procedure.

STEP 1: Export the Project as RDF Data

  1. Open the Project menu or right click the project node in the context menu.

  2. Select Export.

  3. Click RDF Project Export from the submenu.

  4. The Export Project dialogue opens so you can export data from your project.

  5. Activate the Export Project check box to export your whole project including the project metadata and settings.

    • Use Export to save the resulting file as .ppar


Hovering you mouse over the Information icon will display a short help text for the export.


STEP 2: Rename the Resulting .ppar File to Zip and Extract the Content.


See also: What is the ppar format created for exports using the "Export Projects" option

STEP 3: Open the dump.trig, the project.rdf and the schema.trig File Included in the ppar/Zip Archive and Change URIs by Search and Replace.

STEP 4: Create A .Zip Archive Again and Rename It to a ppar Extension.


The archive should only include the adapted dump.trig and the project.rdf file.

STEP 5: Create a New Project From the .ppar and Adapt the URI Creation in the Advanced Tab of the Project Creation Dialogue.

For details refer to: Create a Thesaurus Project

You are done!