Autosave Projects

This section contains a short guide on the information about the Autosave function for an individual PoolParty project.

During project generation an autosave interval for a project is defined, the default value being 10 minutes. Snapshots of a project are generated in the defined interval.

  • In the Notification area you find information about the status of the creation of snapshots. This enables you to detect if the autosave feature works properly and you can recover a project if anything went wrong.

  • Click the icon to display the latest information for the project:

  • The icon changes its colour depending on the success or failure of actions or tests.

  • If a snapshot could not be saved on the disk, a red colored error message will appear and you should contact your system administrator to locate the problem.


In order to change the autosave interval after the project has been created, use The Snapshot Configuration Dialogue.

Details on the autosave and recovery process can be found in the Advanced PoolParty Configuration section of this guide.


Even if the autosave function is enabled for a project it is strongly recommended to backup a project regularly. See: Backing Up a Project