The poolparty.conf File (Linux)

The poolparty.conf file can be found in the following path:

  • <PPAppDir>/config


The poolparty.conf file is only used on GNU/Linux installations.

It allows you to set specific startup parameters for the PoolParty control script. Below we outline the most relevant settings.

Possible Settings in the pooparty.conf File on Linux

The PP_Xmx parameter defines the maximum memory allocated to the PoolParty Server:

#These parameters set JVM memory constraints

The builtin and SOLR_Xmx define if the built in Solr server is used and will be started and stopped with the poolparty start script and how many memory is allocated for the Solr server.


The PP_save_snapshots setting defines if a backup of the data folder is created on every server startup. The PP_compression_prg setting defines the compression mechanism used for creating the backup.


The compression mechanism is not part of the PoolParty installation and has to be provided from the underlying operating system. If the respective mechanism is not available, the fallback is gzip.

#Set to false to disable snapshot archiving
#Preferred stream compressor (lzop is recommended!)

You can set the JAVA_HOME used for the PoolParty server explicitly in the poolparty.conf file.

#exmple JAVA_HOME override