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Release Notes - PoolParty for SharePoint 9.0.0 (PoolParty 2022 R1)


Release Notes - PoolParty for SharePoint 9.0.0 (PoolParty 2022 R1)



PoolParty for SharePoint replaces the former PoolParty PowerTagging for SharePoint. It has been redeveloped from scratch to provide the same capabilities but with enhanced security and a modern architecture relying on cutting-edge technologies from Microsoft.

. Architecture

Some benefits of the new architecture include:

  • No need for a dedicated Windows and SQL server to mediate between PoolParty and SharePoint Online thanks to the latest Microsoft technologies such as SPFX and Graph API.

  • Finer granularity of the security model using Graph API, which allows for selection of individual sites with the content to be tagged.

  • Better performance tagging large libraries.

  • Modern design focused on usability; configuration of taxonomies for tagging document libraries and lists across multiple different sites is centralized and follows a streamlined five-step wizard.

  • Dashboard for at-a-glance auditing of document libraries and lists connected to taxonomies.

  • Tighter integration with Term store for future compatibility with other tools across the Microsoft ecosystem.

. Features

The main features of PoolParty for SharePoint are:

  • Semantic Search

    • Get information on search concepts in an info box while tapping directly into the SKOS relations and attributes populated in the taxonomy.

    • Make use of the taxonomy-based autocompletion in the search fields, including synonyms based matching.

    • Refine search results using faceted search based on high-level categories of the taxonomy (the concept schemes).

    • Discover related content by looking at other applied tags.

  • Semantic Tagging

    • Leverage taxonomy-based automated tagging to avoid overburdening your experts with manual tagging of very large document libraries and lists and ensure consistency that is hard to achieve by humans.

    • Empower your experts to review and refine automatically assigned tags for your most critical documents with manual tagging aided by the taxonomy displayed directly in the SharePoint interface and semantic search with autocomplete.

  • Term Store Synchronization

    • Forget about having disconnected taxonomies in different data silos. Manage your taxonomies centrally in PoolParty, then push them into Term store with single click.

    • Maintain mapping between Term store IDs and concept URIs in PoolParty for integration future-proofing.

    • Re-synchronize taxonomies once you change them or delete the term groups when you no longer need them.

. What's Next (Early 2023)
  • Tag each document library or list with multiple taxonomies and store the results in separate fields.

  • OAuth support for API connection to PoolParty.