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Create an App Registration

As a first step, you need to create an app registration for the PoolParty for SharePoint Administration application in Microsoft Entra ID (previously Azure Active Directory), which will serve as an identity and access management platform for PoolParty for SharePoint Administration.

PoolParty for SharePoint consists of two modules: the Tagging module and the Term Store Synchronization module. If you want to use both modules, they can either share one app registration or you can create a separate app registration for each of them. An advantage of the latter approach is that it allows for a clear separation of concerns and follows the principle of least privilege (each app registration can be only granted the API permissions necessary for the given module).


If you decide to create two app registrations, you need to repeat the configuration steps described in the subsequent sections for each of them.

For more information on how to create an app registration using the Azure portal, follow the Microsoft Azure documentation up to step 3. On the Register an application page in step 3, select the Supported account types to configure the app registration to your needs.


Alternatively, you can create an app registration with a custom PowerShell script.

After you have created the app registration, its Overview page opens. You can see the Application (client) ID there. Note it down, as you will need it to configure the PoolParty for SharePoint Administration application in SharePoint.