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Specify Authentication Method for the API Calls between the Azure Functions and PoolParty

The Azure functions communicate with the PoolParty server via REST API calls. You can decide if these calls will be protected with Basic Authentication (enabled by default) or OAuth 2.0.


This functionality requires PoolParty 2022 R1 or higher.

  1. Access the settings of the app hosting the Azure functions. For more information, refer to the Microsoft Azure documentation.

  2. Click the Edit icon next to the oAuth setting.

    The Add/edit application setting dialog opens.

  3. If you want to use Basic Authentication, make sure that the value is set to false.

    If you want to use OAuth, set the value to true.

  4. Confirm with Update.

  5. If you enabled OAuth, make sure that the app settings contain the PoolParty client secret and the URL to get an access token from. For more information, refer to Configure the Function App.