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Deploy PoolParty for SharePoint Administration to the Site App Catalog

Once you have created a site app catalog, use the SharePoint UI to upload the PoolParty for SharePoint Administration application package (poolparty-for-sharepoint-admin-web-part.sppkg) into it.

  1. Go to site contents. For more information on how to access the Site contents page, refer to the SharePoint documentation.

  2. Open the site app catalog (the Apps for SharePoint list).

  3. Select Upload.


    The Add a document dialog opens.

  4. Click Choose files and select the poolparty-for-sharepoint-admin-web-part.sppkg file from the deployment package.

  5. Confirm with OK.


The app package appears in the Apps for SharePoint list. You can see if the deployment was successful in the App package error message column.