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Release Notes - PoolParty for SharePoint 9.2.0 (PoolParty 2022 R3)


Release Notes - PoolParty for SharePoint 9.2.0 (PoolParty 2022 R3)

. Highlights
  • Administrators have now greater control over the process of automated tagging thanks to advanced configuration options. These options include corpus scoring, thesaurus-based disambiguation and filtering of nested concepts.

  • The Term Store Synchronization and Tagging modules can now be installed independently. The Administration dashboard has been modified to only show relevant features.

. Improvements
  • The Term Store synchronization capabilities can now be called via Azure functions, thus allowing for customer integrations.

  • You can now use Azure functions that come with the deployment package to test the connection between the Azure Portal and the PoolParty server.

  • PoolParty for SharePoint 9.2.0 is compatible with PoolParty 2022 R3 (9.2).

. Security Fixes
  • Migrated SPFx from 1.16 to 1.18.