SPARQL Update (uv-t-sparqlUpdate):

This DPU transforms input RDF using a single SPARQL Update query.

It supports RDF Validation extension.

It does not support quads - it is always executed either on top of all input graphs, or, if per-graph execution is checked, successively on each graph.

Configuration Parameters

Per-graph executionIf checked query is executed per-graph - the query is executed separately on each input graph
SPARQL update querySPARQL update query

Inputs and Outputs

inputiRDFDataUnitRDF input(tick)
outputoRDFDataUnitRDF output (transformed)(tick)


Batch and Incremental Processing

In this pipeline below we are extracting data via a SPARQL Endpoint, then we split the pipeline into two processes to Update and Construct data using the SPARQL Update and SPARQL Construct DPUs. WIth the SPARQL Update Query we