Graph Merger


Graph Merger (uv-t-rdfGraphMerger):

This DPU merges RDF input graphs into a single new RDF output graph. This means that all triples from the input graphs are put into a single new output graph.

Configuration Parameters

Output graph nameName (URI) of the graph on output. This name is used in other DPUs, e.g. when loading the RDF graph to an external triple store as a destination graph name.

Inputs and Outputs

NameTypeData UnitDescriptionRequired
inputinputRDFDataUnitInput graphs which are to be merged(tick)
outputoutputRDFDataUnitRDF graph which contains all triples from the input graphs(error)


Load RDF Data From Two Different Sources and Merge Them Into One Graph, Then Perform a SPARQL Construct on Them

The following image shows a fragment of a pipeline which

  • downloads an Excel file and converts it to RDF;
  • makes a HTTP Request to a triple store and gets RDF data.
It then proceeds to merge both input graphs to one single output graph. This graph is then processed in a SPARQL Construct query. The configuration of the GraphMerger DPU is shown in the image below.