Excel to CSV


Excel to CSV (uv-t-excelToCSV):

This DPU transforms Excel files (.XLS, .XLSX) into a CSV file. It is possible to indicate which sheet(s) should be extracted and transformed. Each sheet is extracted to a separate CSV file.

Configuration Parameters

Sheet namesSheet names separated by colon that will be transformed to CSV file. Sheet names are case insensitive. If no sheet names are specified, all sheets are transformed to CSV.Table1:Table2:Table3
CSV file name patternPattern used to create the name of the generated CSV file. You may use ${excelFileName} for the name of the initial Excel file (without extension) and ${sheetName} for outputting name of the processed sheet. If you are processing more input files/sheets, use ${excelFileName}/${sheetName} placeholders, so that each produced CSV file has a different name.${excelFileName}_${sheetName}.csv

Inputs and Outputs

inputinputFilesDataUnitInput files(tick)
outputoutputFilesDataUnitProduced CSV files(tick)


Download an Excel file, Convert it to CSV and Upload it Again

The following image shows a pipeline which downloads an Excel file from a server, converts it to CSV, and uploads it to another server. The excelToCSV DPU receives the downloaded Excel file as input and produces a CSV file as output. The configuration of the DPU can be seen in the image below.