Transformer DPUs

Transformers contain the core processing logics to transform the input data to the output data in desired data structure, schema and format. Extractors and loaders covered in the previous sections, only deal with data input and output most of the time.

They can accept one or more input data from extractors or transformers and produce one or more output data for transformers or loaders. 

Transformation is a rather abstract concept. Any operation applied to data can be considered a transformation and wrapped into a transformer DPU, which does not necessarily modify the data.

It can be compressing and decompressing data, subsetting data, enriching data with external services, mapping data to a different model, and more. Data can be processed by one transformer supporting all required functionalities, or by several transformers in a chain to achieve a complicated goal.

PoolParty UnifiedViews provides DPUs to work with files, structured, semi-structured and unstructured data. 

Please refer to the respective topics for detailed descriptions: