Exporting Concept Schemes or Subtrees

Besides exporting the complete project PoolParty offers the possibility to export single concept schemes of a project or a subtree in a concept scheme. A subtree in this case means a node and its sub-nodes in the hierarchy tree.

  • To export a concept scheme or subtree, right click on the respective node in the tree (1) and select Export (2) > RDF  Export (3) from the context menu to open the RDF Subtree Export dialogue (4).
  • In the options section (5), select the desired export format, decide if you like to have the exported file as a .zip file and check the box for Pretty Print, if the RDF output data should be formatted human readable.
  • Hover your mouse over the Information icon (6) to display details about the outcome of the export.
  • Click Export to save the file.

Per default the file name is 'pp_<scheme/subtree>_<node name>' but you can change the file name later.


Related Linked Data, notes added to concepts and subproperty definitions for the project are only exported using the export formats Trix or TriG.