Exporting a Project

This section contains a short guide on how to export a whole project containing all required data to create a backup or copy.

How to Export a Whole Project

  1. In your opened PoolParty project, click PROJECT, and expand the Export menu.
  2. Select RDF Export.
  3. The Export Project dialogue opens.
  4. To export the whole project, activate the check box for Export Project.
    • all Export Options seetings are greyed out and cannot be changed.
    • all Export Data options besides 'Corpora', 'History', 'Candidate Concepts' and 'Schemes and Ontologies' are greyed out and cannot be changed. That way you can choose if you want to include corpora, history, candidate concepts' and schemes and ontologies data in the export.
  5. Click Export.

You can also export project data partially. Details find here:  Exporting Project Data

The .ppar extensions stands for "PoolParty Archive". It is a zip-archive holding all the data of your project.