Export to Remote Graph Database

As of version 6 of PoolParty this option is dependent on the Semantic Middleware Configurator (SMC) and a graph database configuration. You can include the SMC as of PoolParty Basic Server as an add-on.

A remote graph database is a large scale enterprise graph database (triple store) such as GraphDB, MarkLogic, Stardog or Virtuoso holding the enterprise knowledge / linked data graph.

When a remote graph database option is configured, you have the possibility to export your project data directly to that graph database. In the RDF Project Export dialogue, in the Select Action drop down an additional option is available: 'Export to <Graph Database>'.

Below you see the default dialogue settings. You can select all options at once by activating the Export Entire Project check box or select only the ones you need in the Thesaurus or Custom Data section, respectively.

The project data is stored in the remote graph database in a named graph, based on the project URL e.g. http://vocabulary.semantic-web.at/doku