PoolParty External Graph Database Support Matrix

This section contains a matrix of PoolParty features and their support by external graph databases.

You can connect external graph databases using PoolParty's Semantic Middleware Configurator.

PoolParty offers various features which work with external graph databases.

The following matrix outlines which stores are available and which features can be used in that context:

PoolParty Functionality /
External Graph Database
Project/Ontology ExportCorpus ManagementStore Extraction Results
(Extractor API: annotate/store)
GraphSearchGraphEditorReplace built-in GDB


(error) (error) 


(tick)(error)(tick)(tick)(error) (error) 
MarkLogic(tick)(error)(tick)(tick)(error) (error) 
Virtuoso(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(error) (error) 

neo4j(tick) (error)  (error)  (error) (error) (error)

 Optionally, you can replace the following built-in servers:

  • the built-in Apache Solr server can be replaced by an external Apache Solr or Elasticsearch server.
  • The built-in Apache Spark ML server can be substituted by an external Spark ML Cluster.