Integrating PoolParty

Its APIs make PoolParty ready to be integrated into any Enterprise Information System and by that provide means to connect those systems via a semantic layer based on the developed taxonomies (knowledge graphs). Different APIs are provided per component. All of them share the following features:

  • JSON RESTful: Semantic technologies ready to be integrated based on popular web technologies
  • CRUD: Create, read, update, and delete – full-blown API for all kinds of interactions with taxonomies and knowledge graphs
  • Secure: PoolParty API is fully integrated into PoolParty’s security layer based on Spring
  • SPARQL endpoint: In addition to the standard API, PoolParty’s SPARQL endpoint is used to execute more complex queries and integrate data in a highly flexible manner

The following two chapters outline on one hand or unified approach of integrating PoolParty into any Enterprise Information system (PowerTagging) and on the other hand outline the principles of the PoolParty Semantic Integrator that allows to establish a unified layer over several systems: