User Roles in PoolParty

The user roles and their meaning and uses are explained in detail in this page.

User Roles define different access levels for a PoolParty Server. In PoolParty the following roles exist:

  • User
    This is the default role you have to assign to every user so they will be able to log into the PoolParty backend.
  • Admin
    The Admin role allows to create and delete projects for the assigned groups and gives users access to the Advanced menu, where several advanced configuration functions are available.
  • Super Admin
    The Super Admin role allows access to the User Administration and the Admin Dashboard.
  • Wiki Editor
    The Wiki Editor role allows only access to the Wiki view of a project. Users with this role cannot open a project or take any other action in the backend.
    You also have to assign 
    Wiki Editors to the respective user group of a project so they will be able to view and edit the project in the Wiki view.

    The behaviour of the Wiki Editor role only works if you set the frontend access level for the server to 'Login'.

    It is recommended that a user should be either a PoolParty User or a Wiki Editor.

  • Read-Only User
    The Read-Only User role allows for a reading access only. In PoolParty user permissions are additive, so you have to set the check marks for Read-Only and User in the User Administration in order to correctly set up a read-only user. Afterwards a Read-Only User will be able to access in read-only mode all functions a User in PoolParty can access or edit.

Roles do not inherit rights from lower levels:
The hierarchical notation might suggest that a Super Administrator has more rights on the server than an Administrator.
But this is not the case!
A user with the Super Administrator role does not have Administrator rights when this role is not activated in the user profile.

You should assign the Administrator or Super Administrator role only to PoolParty Users.

You can also create users that have no role assigned. Those users can be used as technical users that have access to the APIs without access to the PoolParty backend.

In addition, you can control your users programmatically via API: Web Service Method: Create a New User, Web Service Method: Request User Roles and Groups, Web Service Method: Update a User, Web Service Method: Delete a User

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