User Rights Management

The section provides an overview of the user rights management you can use in PoolParty, using the groups and roles available.

Only a Super Admin can access the User Administration and create and manage users and user groups.

We recommend you follow these steps in order to easily setup your user rights management:

  1. Create new users by accessing the User Administration.
  2. Assign user roles and groups according to the permissions each user needs.
  3. Create a project and assign user groups and/or the Public role to it.

The rights for a project are set while creating a project by assigning user groups and/or the Public role to a project.

A user can only assign user groups to a project he is a member of.

Only users that are in at least one of the user groups assigned to a project are allowed to view and edit the project. 

Details about the User Groups and User Roles in PoolParty find here:


PoolParty Academy Tutorial

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