Open the User Administration

This section contains a short guide on how to open the User Administration.

Open the User Administration

  1. Open the User Administration via the respective icon in the toolbar, as shown below.
  2. The Users tab opens per default. The table here displays currently existing users and details about their status.
  3. On the right find the Edit and Delete icons to  edit or delete users.

    • You cannot delete the user you are logged in with, therefore the icon will be greyed out.

You can also create and manage PoolParty users directly by using the web methods of the  User Management Services.

PoolParty uses  Spring Security for authentication and authorization. That way it can be integrated with other authentication mechanisms for example LDAP, AD, etc.

The User Administration is only available in the Super Administrator role. 

In PoolParty you can define a custom URI for a user once, when you  create a new user.