Custom Scheme & Ontology Management

PoolParty offers the possibility to reuse existing ontologies and define custom ontologies as well as creating custom schemes based on those ontologies.

Custom schemes can be interpreted as 'views' on the respective ontologies where you can define subsets of classes, relations and attributes.

This feature allows you on the one hand to extend the expressiveness of the SKOS schema to describe concepts more specifically. You would use additional properties from the DCterms or FOAF scheme or from any other vocabulary or ontology you might consider relevant for the domain of your thesaurus. Just as the custom properties you create yourself.

On the other hand you can use this feature to develop ontologies and schemes and export or publish them to make them available to other applications for reuse.

PoolParty's Custom Scheme & Ontology Management allows to:

PoolParty's Custom Scheme & Ontology Management functionality is only available for PoolParty Administrators.

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