Web Service Method: Get Available Projects

Returns a list of projects that are available on the server and that are accessible for the user.

URL: /PoolParty/api/projects


Supported Methods

No request parameters supported.

If you want to collect group names, that are applied to projects you can use Web Service Method: Request Groups of a Project


Array of PoolParty projects.

Attribute Type Comment
id String UUID of the project
uri String Linked data URI of the project
title String Project title
subject String Primary subject of the project
availableLanguages Array of Strings Available Languages
defaultLanguage String Default Language
description String Project description
uriSupplement String Project URI supplement
DateTime Point in time when project was modified for the last time
Request pattern


Example Request
Example Response
   id: "1DCE0ED2-D7E8-0001-86A1-18652DF0D7A0",
   uri: "http://vocabulary.semantic-web.at/cocktails",
   title: "All about Cocktails",
   subject: "How to mix the best Cocktails",
   availableLanguages: ["en"],
   defaultLanguage: "en",
   description: "Cocktails, ingredients, glassware, garnish, etc.",
   uriSupplement: "cocktails",
   lastModified: "2016-08-26T12:43:05Z"