Release Notes - PoolParty 5.4

Here you can find the release notes for PoolParty release 5.4.1. This is a minor release covering only smaller changes and improvements and several fixes for Release 5.3.


New URI Generation Method 'Manual'

When setting up a project you can now choose 'Manual' as a new ID Generation method for resources.

Manual ID generation

When manual ID generation is defined for a project the ID of the concept can be defined individually for for each resource created.

Manual id generation for concept

Advanced LDAP Configuration

Custom LDAP attributes can now be used when configuring LDAP authentication for PoolParty.

Improved Sorting in Autocomplete

Sorting in autocomplete within PoolParty has been improved and is using a label similarity function to provide better results. 

In addition, sorting defined in a custom query is not overwritten by the default autocomplete anymore.


  • The top concepts in a concept schemes Metadata tab are now sorted alphabetically.
  • History API can now process timestamps including seconds.
  • getSuggestConcepts API method now shows all suggestions and not only a limited set.
  • Issues using the thesaurus API using POST requests have been fixed.
  • Including double quotes (") in a search does not lead to an error message anymore.
  • Link to the new PoolParty Help Desk is now corrected.