Release Notes - PoolParty 5.3

Here you can find the release notes for PoolParty 5.3. The release notes cover major developments, improvements and changes made in the respective release. The release notes are divided into three chapters:


PoolParty Semantic Suite

With Release 5.3 a 64-bit build of the Sun/Oracle Java 8 Runtime Environment can be used to operate a PoolParty server.

Sun/Oracle Java 7 Runtime Environment can still be used to operate a PoolParty server.

Updates of 3rd party libraries

Release 5.3 includes updates of 3rd party components used by the PoolParty server:

PoolParty Thesaurus Server

Extended SKOS-XL Functionality

PoolParty`s SKOS-XL functionality has been extended to provide better usability and improved productivity. You can now enable and disable the SKOS-XL functionality on project level. When enabled, you can convert labels to SKOS-XL labels directly from the SKOS concepts details view. The respective SKOS label is maintained and synced with the SKOS-XL label from that on.

Create SKOS-XL label

By right-clicking a SKOS-XL label link in the SKOS details view, a pop-up window opens up showing context information for the SKOS-XL label and its usage.

SKOS-XL label context information

SKOS-XL labels are displayed as clickable resources in the SKOS details view. By clicking the link, the details view of the SKOS-XL label is displayed and the label is added as a node below the SKOS-XL node in the tree view.

SKOS-XL label details view

The SKOS-XL node in the tree works like a shortcut list to SKOS-XL resources. It also provides a searchable table of all SKOS-XL labels. Only labels clicked in the SKOS details view or selected in the SKOS-XL labels table are shown as nodes in the tree view.

SKOS-XL lables table

Approval Workflow for SKOS-XL labels

The approval workflow available for SKOS concepts has been extended to cover SKOS-XL labels. When workflows are enabled for a project, changing or creating a SKOS-XL label sets its status to draft and the status is displayed in the SKOS details and the tree view.

Show SKOS-XL workflow status

The workflow dashboard has been extended to cover also lists of draft SKOS-XL labels.

SKOX-XL workflow dashboard

Improved Remote Graph Database connection. MarkLogic as new Remote Graph Database.

The remote graph database connectivity of PoolParty has been improved by simplifying the configuration and by displaying the connection status in the menu bar. MarkLogic can now be added as a new remote graph database and allows to export taxonomy projects, custom schemes and ontologies directly into the MarkLogic RDF store. It also support the storage of results of the document entity extraction and annotation process from PoolParty Extractor directly into MarkLogic.

Remote graph database connection

PoolParty Extractor (PPX)

PPX Query expansion API

A new API method has been added that provides a semantic and linguistic expansion of a search query containing a list of terms or concepts. This is useful to obtain alternative names for a term (semantic query expansion) or alternative writing (linguistic query expansion) that can be used for a thesaurus based search query expansion application.


PoolParty Thesaurus Server

Major improvements

  • To avoid concurrent editing/deleting of concepts and literals in a multi-user environment, settings can now be defined via the System Settings dialogue in the Advanced menu.

System settings - Concurrent editing

Minor improvements

  • Improved loading time of the projects tab when opening projects: Project statistics have been moved to a separate tab. In addition, statistics for SKOS-XL have been added when the functionality is enabled for the project.
  • Project languages can now be added or modified in the project's metadata tab at any time.
  • Workflow status for concepts and SKOS-XL labels can be changed for a whole project.
  • Only classes of Custom Schemes selected for a project are available when applying to concepts.
  • Concepts listed in a Collection and SPARQL lists are now clickable.
  • Co-occurences analysis in corpus management can be disabled on demand.
  • Manually created snapshots can now be deleted via the Snapshot dashboard. In addition, snapshots can now be disabled for a project via the snapshot settings.
  • Autocomplete starts searching for concepts after typing at least two characters.
  • GraphSearch is linked from the Corpus Management view.

PoolParty Extractor

Major improvements

  • Calibration of the extraction model with a reference corpus.
    For morphologically complex and highly inflected languages like, for example, Russian, the extraction model of multiword concepts gets increasingly large because all possible combinations of inflections are stored. It is now possible to calibrate the variants that get written into the extraction model with a reference corpus to reduce size and increase tagging performance.

Minor improvements

  • Improved ranking of hits in the PPX suggest API 
    PPX is frequently used to implement auto-complete functionalities therefore an accurate ranking of suggested concepts is essential. The scoring depends on which of the concept labels matches (preferred label / alternative label / hidden label), which parts of the labels match with the search string (higher ranking when at the beginning of the word), and how exactly search term and the labels of the concept fit together.
  • Linguistically precise matching of words in a concept (compound words)
    This feature is now available for German language. For a more accurate matching and precise extraction, the meaning of compound words have to be recognised (e.g. the English "office table" is "B├╝rotisch" in German, which is kind of a "Tisch").

PoolParty API

  • API methods for reading, adding and removing user groups from projects have been added.
  • An API method for calculating term positions for a calculated corpus has been added.
  • The project snapshot API method allows to submit notes.
  • The get concept scheme method allows now to retrieve metadata of concept schemes.
  • Last modification date has been added to Projects API.
  • Properties for concepts via the members method for collections can now be retrieved via API.
  • Custom scheme can now be provided via the suggest concept method.
  • Adapted workflow methods to allow to change the workflow status of SKOS-XL labels.


  • Fixed license-based restriction on document upload via API for PoolParty Enterprise Server.
  • Improved performance and stability of corpus analysis.
  • Linguistic "Synonym Service" now also works for projects with only one language.
  • When merging two concepts with the same preferred label, the "merge" label is not added as an additional alternative or hidden label.
  • Messages on problems when importing Excel files are now displayed correctly.
  • User group names may include underscores.
  • The metadata mapping API has been updated to use the new Solr model.
  • PP Browser and GraphSearch now also work with slashes in the project Identifier of the URI pattern.
  • RDF import provides a message when trying to import a file in a format that isn't supported.
  • The PP API provides a respective message when not logged in.
  • Snapshot API allows to create snapshots also after changes have been made via API.