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Refine Automatically Extracted Tags

Once an item gets auto-tagged, depending on their score and the threshold configured in the PoolParty for SharePoint Administration application, some automatically extracted tags will be automatically marked as unwanted (displayed in grey). Unwanted tags are stored with the item but are not used to retrieve the item when searching for it with the PoolParty for SharePoint search. To mark an automatically extracted tag as unwanted or an unwanted tag as active, do the following:Searching for Content

  1. Navigate to the Manage tag dialog box. For more information on the procedure, refer to Display All Tags. If the content has been tagged with multiple taxonomies or concept schemes, make sure to select the connection for which you want to refine the tags.

  2. Click the automatically extracted tag to change its status.


    Automatically extracted tags are marked with blue (if they meet the minimum tag score and have not been marked as unwanted) or grey (if the do not meet the minimum tag score or have been marked as unwanted).

    The tag changes its color.

  3. Confirm your changes with Save.