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Display All Tags

Automatically extracted tags must meet the requirements specified in the PoolParty for SharePoint Administration application to appear in a dedicated SharePoint column. To display a full list of identified tags, do the following:

  1. Go to the site contents page. For more information, refer to the Microsoft SharePoint documentation.

  2. Open the library or list.

  3. Select the item for which you want to display the tags.

  4. Click Show actions.

  5. Select Manage tags.


    The Manage tags dialog box opens. You can see here all the tags for the selected item.

    The automatically extracted tags are marked with blue (if they meet the minimum tag score and have not been marked as unwanted) or grey (if the do not meet the minimum tag score or have been marked as unwanted). The tag score of the individual tags is indicated in the square bracket next to them. The higher the number, the more relevant the tag is.


    The minimum tag score is set in the PoolParty for SharePoint Administration application.

    Manually added tags are marked with orange.