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Synchronize PoolParty Taxonomy to Term Store

You can use the PoolParty for SharePoint Administration application to upload a copy of a PoolParty taxonomy (project) to Term store.

  1. On the the page where PoolParty for SharePoint Administration has been installed, select Sync with Term store.

  2. In the Synchronize section, select a PoolParty taxonomy you want to synchronize.

  3. Type in a name for the new term group that will be created in Term store and will be populated with the selected taxonomy.


    Don't use this functionality to upload taxonomies into existing term groups as it might disrupt the mapping between term IDs and concept URIs in PoolParty. If you have made changes to a PoolParty taxonomy and you want to reflect them in Term store, re-synchronize the taxonomy.

  4. Start the synchronization with Run synchronization.


    While the synchronization is in progress, the Run synchronization button is not available. Depending on the size of the taxonomy, the synchronization may take significant time. You can safely navigate away from the application or close the browser window while the synchronization is in progress.

    You can check the status of the synchronization in the Term store synchronization logs and re-run it if it has ended with an error or warning.


    If you make any changes to the taxonomy in PoolParty and want to reflect those changes in the term group in Term store, you need to re-synchronize the taxonomy.