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Re-synchronize PoolParty Taxonomy to Term Store

Once you have synchronized a PoolParty taxonomy to Term store and then made changes to it in the PoolParty Thesaurus server, you can re-run the synchronization to reflect the changes in Term store while preserving the mapping between Term store IDs and concept URIs in PoolParty. You might also want to re-synchronize a PoolParty taxonomy if you tried to synchronize it for the first time and the process has ended with an error or warning.

  1. On the page where PoolParty for SharePoint Administration has been installed, select Sync with Term store.

  2. Select Manage synchronization.

  3. Select Re-sync.


    A confirmation dialog opens.

  4. Confirm with OK.

    While the re-synchronization is in progress, the Re-sync button is not available.