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Disconnect Library or List

If you don't want to tag a certain library or list with concepts from a connected PoolParty taxonomy anymore, you can disconnect it. You can decide if you want to keep or delete existing tags.

  1. On the page where PoolParty for SharePoint Administration has been installed, select Connection settings.

  2. On the Connected libraries and lists tab, select the pencil icon in the Edit column of the connection you want to remove.


    One library or list can be connected to multiple PoolParty taxonomies and concept schemes. Each connection is represented by a separate entry on the list.


    The Connection settings pane opens.

  3. If you want to disconnect the library or list but keep the tags, select Disconnect from taxonomy preserving tags.

    If you want to disconnect the library or list and remove the tags together with the tag field, select Disconnect from taxonomy deleting tags.


    A confirmation dialog box opens.

  4. Confirm with Disconnect.