How to Set Up a Connection to an API Service

This section contains a short guide on how to set up an API service configuration in the Semantic Middleware Configurator.

  1. After you have accessed the Semantic Middleware Configurator (SMC), you find the node External Services on the left in the Hierarchy Tree.

  2. Expand it to find the node APIs.

  3. Double-click the node, the Set Up New External APIs Service dialogue will open.

  4. In the settings section several options are available. Fill out the fields according to the API instance's connection values. Details and an example find below.

    • After you have entered the values, click Create (5) to save your changes.


Available Options

  • Name: enter a name of your choice for the API, recommended is a name that easily lets identify an entry in a list.

  • URL: the URL the API is reachable at.

  • Use Credentials: check, if you want to use credentials that differ from those of the current user.

    • User Name, Password: the user name and password necessary to authenticate for the API service's access.