User Roles in PoolParty

This section contains a short guide on available user roles in PoolParty and their effect when assigned to a user.

User roles define different access levels for a PoolParty Server.

In PoolParty the following roles exist:

  • PoolPartyReadOnly

    This role allows logging into the PoolParty and open projects with read-only access.

  • PoolPartyUser

    This is the default user role in PoolParty allowing users to log into the PoolParty and open and edit projects.

  • PoolPartyAdmin

    This role allows you in addition to the PoolPartyUser role to create and delete projects for the assigned groups and gives users access to the Advanced menu, where several advanced configuration functions are available. Also, you need the PoolPartyAdmin role to access the Ontology Management and create and edit ontologies and custom schemes.

  • PoolPartySuperAdmin

    This role allows you in addition to the PoolPartyAdmin role access to the User Administration and the Snapshot Dashboard.

  • WikiEditor

    This role allows only access to the Wiki frontend of a project. Users with this role cannot log into the PoolParty.

  • ApiUser

    This user role allows read access to the PoolParty API only. Users with this role cannot log into the PoolParty.

  • ApiAdminUsers with this role have read and write access only to the PoolParty API. Users with this role cannot log into the PoolParty.


The permissions in PoolParty are separated into several different actions that are part of these roles and, depending on the role's access level, are allowed or restricted.

Details about the existing user permissions find in these topics:


The behavior of the WikiEditor role only applies if you set the frontend access level for the server to 'Login'.

You can control your users programmatically via API:Web Service Method: Create a New User,Web Service Method: Request User Roles and Groups,Web Service Method: Update a User,Web Service Method: Delete a User

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