User Groups in PoolParty

This section contains a short guide on user groups and their uses.

User groups play an important role in PoolParty since you can control access to projects, ontologies and custom schemes per user with them.

You can assign users to user groups and user groups to projects, ontologies and custom schemes.

User roles, in combination with user groups, are the foundation for permissions granted to users. Depending on which group the users are assigned to, they can access and handle the corresponding projects, ontologies and custom schemes, for example:

  • PoolPartyUsers can only access projects that have a user group assigned they are member of.

  • PoolPartyAdmins and PoolPartySuperAdmins in addition can create and delete projects of the user groups they are member of.

The only default group predefined on any PoolParty instance is the group Public.

The Public group has to be assigned to projects, ontologies and custom schemes if you want to make data publicly available. This group cannot be deleted.

The following features are provided when assigning the Public group:

The following topics provide details on how to assign user groups:

PoolParty Academy Tutorial

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