Visualisation of a Project

PoolParty's Visual Mapper lets you browse through your project in a different way.

Visual browsing helps thesaurus managers to get an overview over existing structures and to present concepts and their relations in an appealing way. It has an advantage over the regular tree view, where a concept's relation to only one broader can be depicted at one time and no other connections to related concepts can be seen.

In the Visual Mapper you can see all relations of a concept. You can even get an idea of the size of the tree below the related concepts by the size of the bubble and also what types of relations will be available for the related concept.

Visual Mapper Functions

The legend in the upper right-hand corner of the visualization lists the relations that are displayed in the visualization and the respective colour code.

  • Click on the Visualization tab of any concept and see all its relations at once.

  • Navigate through your thesaurus by clicking on a related concept.

  • Jump to the Details View of a concept by clicking the currently selected concept in the middle of the visualization.

  • Click the arrow down button below the visualisation to use the Export as PNG function to download its actual state as .png.

    • The default Save As dialogue of your browser will open.

Visual Mapper Configuration Options

Use the Display Settings button to configure these options:

  • Show All SKOS Data: relations and data (concepts, concept schemes, labels) based on SKOS definitions will be displayed.

  • <Ontology> Data: select some or all values here to display them in the visualization mapper.

  • <Custom Scheme> Data: (actually used one's name displayed here) The data related or based on the respective custom scheme (concept relations, attributes and will be displayed.

  • Toggle All Properties: all available properties and values will be active or inactive, checking this box.

Use the Toggle Details button to display the details pane for the selected concept.

In the image below the visualization settings have been set to:

  • Toggle Details is active.

  • <Custom Scheme> Data is active, therefore the colour legend displays the relations of the project's active custom scheme.

  • Toggle All Properties: all available properties and values will be active or inactive, checking this box.