PoolParty UnifiedViews

23901903.pngPoolParty UnifiedViews as part of the PoolParty Semantic Integrator provides a framework to develop, execute, monitor, debug, schedule, and share RDF data processing tasks. It can be seen as an Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) framework for RDF, although it works more as a general purpose data integration and service orchestration platform based on semantic technologies and does not follow ETL processes strictly.

Data processing tasks are modelled as Data Processing Pipelines in a graphical user interface which are further decomposed into directed graphs of multiple interconnected Data Processing Units (DPUs). Each DPU can be seen as a plugin of the data integration platform and can apply defined operations on data. PoolParty UnifiedViews comes with a predefined set of DPUs supporting a wide range of data sources and miscellaneous data operations. Furthermore, its extensible API framework encourages development of custom DPUs on demand.


Pipelines can be scheduled to execute on a timely basis or can be triggered by other pipelines and REST APIs. The Execution Monitor gives detailed information on the execution process of a pipeline. The Scheduler also includes a notification system which informs subscribers about the outcome of pipeline executions by email.

By default, RDF4J is used as its internal storage for application and configuration data. Temporary data produced during processing can also be stored internally for review or debugging. RDF datasets produced as pipeline output can be persisted into any graph database supporting SPARQL 1.1. As for other datasets, mainstream relational databases and file systems are also supported.

PoolParty UnifiedViews is a commercial branch of the open source UnifiedViews projectmaintained and supported by SWC including advanced features and DPUs for better integration with other PoolParty Semantic Integrator components.