PoolParty GraphEditor

23901883.pngBeyond ontologies and taxonomies, being able to manage data that is built upon them, becomes key in an increasing number of use cases. May it be the results of data integration from different relational databases, data in your graph based search index that should be curated, or setting up an editor, for managing your semantic master data from scratch.

The PoolParty GraphEditor allows data scientists and domain experts to build and manage data graphs. It seamlessly integrates into the PoolParty interface on a project level. This way you can easily connect and manage data in connected graph databases.

The GraphEditor is driven by ontologies developed in the Ontology Management of PoolParty through custom schemes. That way it can be adapted easily just by changing the underlying ontology. This allows an agile data management approach that can also be used by subject matter experts. Taxonomies can be used within the GraphEditor as controlled values, thus managing the data becomes easy and the strings-to-things paradigm of semantic technologies is supported. Defining multiple editors per project allows to have different views on one knowledge graph as well as connecting to different knowledge graphs within one project.


A visual query builder allows to define complex SPARQL queries based on the underlying knowledge graph by way of the respective ontologies. That way an almost natural language query builder is in place that can be used without any knowledge of SPARQL. Individual instances of the knowledge graph can be hooked into the tree to manage all predicates (relations and attributes). Additionally, selecting all or multiple instances in the tabular view of the GraphEditor allows to perform batch editing on top of them.