PoolParty PowerTagging

23901914.pngPoolParty PowerTagging is a unified integration approach to semantically enrich Enterprise Information Systems (EIS) and provide advanced search features inside those systems.

On the PoolParty Server side it is based on the Thesaurus Server API as well as the Entity Extractor API and requires the respective integration on the EIS side. Existing integrations are in place for MS SharePoint, Drupal, Adobe Experience Manager and Atlassian Confluence.

The advantages of this approach are manifold:

  • Automatic concept tagging: annotate your content and attachments with concepts from your thesaurus and add additional tags if you like.

  • Consistent metadata: benefit from consistent tagging by the provision of auto-completion based on controlled vocabularies.

  • Enhanced search: extend your CMS’s search capabilities by search facets, precise similarity search, automatic query expansion, sentiment analysis, and trend diagrams.

  • Bulk-tagging: existing CMS and its whole content base can be tagged automatically at once by bulk-tagging.

  • Multilinguality: multilingual thesauri and therefore multilingual tagging and search is supported.


This approach establishes a unified metadata layer within one Enterprise Information System. The logical next step would be to use this information to connect different systems using the same metadata layer or linking different metadata layers by way of semantic web standards. This approach is offered by the PoolParty Semantic Integrator and is outlined in the next chapter.