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You can make a new project private or publicly available. To make it publicly available, add it to the user group Public.

If you do not want other test account users to see your project, keep it 'private'.


Find Out About PoolParty!

Taxonomies and Ontologies - Start Out With Knowledge Graphs

31895103.pngPoolParty is there to help you get faster and smoother results on you knowledge modelling and knowledge management, by using knowledge graphs.

A few steps will take you from a taxonomy, your basic hierarchy tree, to a full-fledged PoolParty project that lets you import text corpora and use ontologies as basis for the knowledge modelling.

The following topics can help you to quickly start using PoolParty to advantage and get up and running with semantic technologies:

PoolParty Academy

The PoolParty Academy was created to help you learn in depth about Semantic Web Technologies and about PoolParty and its basic functions. You will receive a certificate after finishing each course.

A number of carefully crafted video sessions by our consultants and technological advisors will set you up inside of a few hours.

The first course of the three course schedule is free.

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Reach out to us: info@poolparty.biz

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